Saturday, 29 June 2013

Coffee Tables For One

I am a huge fan of a great cup of coffee and having a cool Coffee Table to rest that dark brew down on is equally important from a design perspective. Like my cup of coffee, I want my Coffee Table to look good and make me feel even better. Here are a few Coffee Tables that are a little smaller in size. 

Based on my past posts, you probably noticed I am a big fan of D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) via reclaiming, re-purposing and recreating using natural materials as much as possible. Anything to contribute to green thinking is something I am into and generally live by. 

Why waste when there is so much cool stuff to rebuild or reuse.

1. The Industrial SPOOL as Coffee Table!
These are great! The surface space is already determined and is not too large. The legs could be metal (re-purposed metal & iron is awesome) as seen on these three pieces, however reclaimed wood or table legs could also work.
Industrial Spools are often found through builders, suppliers or construction sites.  Originally these would have be the top or bottom of a large spool of industrial wires or cables.

2. The Pallet as Coffee Table!
Pallets are great! I adore the versatility of the Pallet. Not the most attractive piece in it's raw form. However, when you dress up the Pallet it can be a definite conversation piece.
Originally Pallets are found in settings where storage or moving large amounts of product is necessary. 


3. The UNIQUE as Coffee Table!
These are cool! 
Doors can be cut to size so both legs and surface area are made.
An old Bass Drum can be used with a bevelled glass top.
An antique or vintage trunk or suitcase can be used with a re-purposed or D.I.Y. custom set of legs.
Wood or metal basket style crates with re-purposed 
or D.I.Y. custom legs.

~ Reclaim ~ Re-purpose ~ Recreate ~
"DeeBeeCool says let Green Inspiration Rule"


  1. Some great looks, amazing what you can do with some old wood and some iron table legs. All of that work really paid on off in these pieces

  2. In the commercial sector the refurbished look has become acceptable and sought after in restaurants and retail. I believe in living artistically green; I am an advocate of bringing re-purposed back into the home. It really can be so cool to reclaim and reuse what is already here.