Sunday, 28 April 2013

Global Interiors

My continuous research about "Global Interiors" offers me many moments of inspiration as well as indulgence on world living. I have found that many decorating ideas can be transposed from country to country. I'm pretty sure that Designers from around the world give and take from one another; yet, there are some things that seem most traditional to that country's interior styling. Here are a few more "Global Interiors" for your perusal...

1.  Vietnam 
Natural indigenous materials like bamboo is used; pops of colour, traditional / modern

2.  Ireland
Lots of natural materials and colours;
Collective use of re-purposed pieces.

3.  Germany
Natural materials, modern / rustic, 
traditional / contemporary

4.  Moldova 
 (between Romania & Ukraine)
Clean lines, modern, wood flooring, neutra

5.  Serbia
Clean lines, modern, neutra

and this house in Serbia...

Amazing ~ Awesome

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Around The World Interiors

Getting inspiration from international interiors and designers from around the world is something I thrive on. Having grown up and travelled in multi-cultural countries, I see a lot of what the world has to offer in naturally inspired design.
One of my favourite magazines is
 "The World of Interiors"
 ...and I adore Taschen's International Books

Check out these Cool Interiors From...
"Around The World"

1. Czech Republic ~ The use of  a lot of natural materials is refreshing

2. Australia ~ Open spaces and lots of light!

3. Latvia - Wood, Brick, Colour...

4. Spain ~ Texture, Exposed Brick, Curved Spaces


5. India ~ Colour, Wood and Texture

Monday, 22 April 2013

"Biking Two Ways"

~ ReCycle ~ UpCycle ~ BiCycle ~

"This Green World is an Awesome, Creative, Inspiring place to be an Artist and Designer"
 The Green World is truly Your Oyster, Your Playground! 
Once you start looking around through the "green" lens at all those discarded items that are forsaken, gathering dust, rusting and rendered useless by many, you quickly realize the hidden gems, the wonderful materials, the abundant resources you truly have at your fingertips.
I don't think I have stopped at a yard sale in recent years that didn't have a second hand bike for sale. In most instances a bicycle is something that can function in its original state for a very long time. Bikes can be re-used, fixed, used again and customized. The bicycle offers purposeful functionality for both pleasure and business. Bike couriers would be lost without their ride!

Having a couple of bikes is the norm for many of my friends. Racers, Cruisers, City Bikes, Electric, Stationary (okay, I jest with the stationary). If I told  a few of my die hard cycling buddies that I was going transform a bike into something other than a bike they may scoff at the idea. They might be first in line for a little BiCycle Paraphernalia though!

Check out some of these cool projects fellow Artisans and Designers have come up with.

"Biking Two Ways"
~ Ride It! or Hide It! ~
~ ReCycle ~ UpCycle ~ BiCycle ~

1. TICK-TOCK~ Rim & Pedal Casing



3. TABLES ~ Rims & Spokes

4. CYCLE ART ~ Chains & Frames


 ~ ReCycle ~ UpCycle ~ BiCycle ~

Thursday, 18 April 2013

"Heads Up"

When designing a bedroom the "Headboard" 
can be a significant focal point. 

There are some beautiful bed frames out there. Styles can be Contemporary, Vintage or Antique. Materials can range from brass to solid wood 
to man-made materials.  

I'm in the process of styling a bedroom 
with a green focus 
~ and I don't mean colour ~ 
I mean mindset!
Part of my design style is working from the notion of ~ reclaiming, re-purposing and reCREATing ~
With this recent project I have not quite decided what the final result will look like; however, when I present a vision board to my client my creative direction needs to be established.  It's important to let the client into your creative world; let them get a feel of what you are thinking ~ after all it is their space! Here are a few ideas that other artisans have created. "Heads Up"...

 1. "The Door as Headboard"

2. "Tin Ceiling Tiles as Headboard"

3. "The Pallet as Headboard"

4. "Novelty as Headboard"

I'll keep you posted on what happens next!
To be continued...