Sunday, 28 April 2013

Global Interiors

My continuous research about "Global Interiors" offers me many moments of inspiration as well as indulgence on world living. I have found that many decorating ideas can be transposed from country to country. I'm pretty sure that Designers from around the world give and take from one another; yet, there are some things that seem most traditional to that country's interior styling. Here are a few more "Global Interiors" for your perusal...

1.  Vietnam 
Natural indigenous materials like bamboo is used; pops of colour, traditional / modern

2.  Ireland
Lots of natural materials and colours;
Collective use of re-purposed pieces.

3.  Germany
Natural materials, modern / rustic, 
traditional / contemporary

4.  Moldova 
 (between Romania & Ukraine)
Clean lines, modern, wood flooring, neutra

5.  Serbia
Clean lines, modern, neutra

and this house in Serbia...

Amazing ~ Awesome

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