Sunday, 7 April 2013

D.I.Y. starring the "Pallet"

~ pal·let ~
"A Portable platform for storing or moving goods that are stacked on it"

Most of you probably remember the pallet as that 
that would have a whole bunch of stuff piled up on it.
Forklifts would carefully haul and stack these pallets in  
garden nurseries, supermarkets, warehouses and various stores. 
Growing up, I even found the odd few in my basement or garage. 
My handy dandy father had used them to keep his many wares 
organized or off the cold damp cement floors.
Back then we would reinvent them into go carts or forts...
Well the pallet has come a long way!
There is a resurgence of green thinking that promotes 
reclaiming, re-purposing and reCREATing.

Here are a few of my favourite pal·let DIY projects...
Courtesy of various artisans, crafters and designers.

These coat and hat hook systems are creatively awesome 
and something that can incorporate found objects, 
re-purposed hooks & knobs, various finishes and styles. 
This is a DIY project that every "do-it-yourselfer" 
should try at least once.

Framing and wall art systems using the pallet is also an idea 
that can vary depending on your own creative desire and design acumen. 
Once again a cool idea!

Shelving for the walls...

Or shelving... 
stackable, a-la-carte, freestanding or mounted.

These tables in various finishes and styles are all made 
with the pallet as the foundation. By adding glass, inlays, wheels, re-purposed legs and deciding on the finish each table is crafted beautifully 
and has its own personality.

These more complex DIY pallet projects are just special...
Serving Table ~ Chest ~ Armoire
All Awesome!
Inspired to go pallet hunting and reclaim, re-purpose and reCREAT
D.I.Y. starring the "Pallet"

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