Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pallet "Pallette"

My last post you got a chance to see some cool crafted pieces starring the pallet

One of the ways that many Artisans have used the pallet 

is like a canvas to uplift the word or illustration

"My years of road trips, driving down and around and through various country sides has given me the pleasure and opportunity to see many a jagged crude pieces of wood used in the form of a sign with a name, direction, destination or advertisement on it."

Pallet wood has always created the opportunity 

to post some form of news.

Today is no different, 

things have just become a little more, 

shall we say refined...



There are plenty of ideas out there to get you inspired. 

Check out some of the sites noted on the photographs.

So get yourself some pallet wood and reCREATE!


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