Friday, 29 March 2013

DIY Design Diary

"Do It Yourself" Design!
~ something we've all done from time to time ~

If you're like me there are times when you just wing it and your concept works. There are times that winging it is not an option since the process involves some complex manoeuvres that a checklist or step by step plan are necessary for a successful outcome. 

I'm an artist and designer who enjoys reclaiming and re-purposing to reCREATE cool artwork, functional furnishings, decor accessories and innovative installations. I am always reading, watching and following what's happening around me in the DIY world, and I have to say it is truly inspiring and amazing what people are doing by thinking creatively green. 

Here are a few cool books that really speak to the "Do It Yourself" spirit of Designing and Creating. If you get a chance check them out. 

Filled with some awesome inspiring ideas here are a few of my favourites:

Design Sponge at Home


Young House Love

Hand Made Modern

ReMake It!

Made By Hand

The Handbuilt Home

" The design world is your oyster ~ so start shucking!"

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cool Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables are both functional and stylish. 

Always seen as that piece of furniture that you either go "wow" when you walk in the room or you don't really notice that it is there. Regardless of how they look, Coffee Tables are a handy diversion for placing objects on or serving from. Once upon a time the traditional Victorian design prevailed and then transitioned into a clash of a glass and laminate. 

Nowadays the Coffee Table designs are industrial, reclaimed, re-purposed and totally recreated.

Here are SIXTEEN fabulously natural  
Coffee Tables that I adore.
They are Green, Cool and Stylish.










Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Three "Cool" Little Books ~ Series #1

Reading Interior Design and Architectural Books is something I enjoy doing. These types of books are both resourceful and inspirational for me. 
I find the photography enchants me! Drawing me into a world I am fascinated by...
Although, I am actually open to reading most anything,  
giving it a chance as it were, I definitely have personal design preferences 
as it pertains to interiors and exteriors. 
Everyone has the right to make their own decorating choices, creating their living space in which to relax and refuel..
Three "Cool" Little Books is a series of mini reviews of the many books that I own or have borrowed.  Consider checking out some of these books
 Feel free to let others know what you thought of the book.

Enjoy Three "Cool" Little Books...

My Brick House goes to...

The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design

Christiane Lemieux, Rumaan Alam
Published 2011
256 Pages


Inspiring, creative, and unpretentiously appealing. Naturally cool and green inspired interiors.


Infusing personality, colour dense and/or neutral. 
Comfortable yet artistically captivating and daring.
 Mixing things of every age, vintage, antique, and contemporary.
Undecorate inspires me to continue having my home reflect the 
designer, decorator, artist, creative professional, writer, stylist in me...
Unique and beautiful.

My Stick House goes to...

Casual Living: 
No fuss Style for a Comfortable Home

 Judith Wilson
Published 2010
159 Pages
Casual style replaces overly contrived spaces. Things
in a room don't need to match.    

      Design is within financial reach in Casual Living as you realize that by re-purposing stuff you can get almost anywhere, stuff that other people are throwing out rooms are beautifully decorated simply but rustic.

My Straw House goes to...

Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in the House

Holly Becker, Joanna Copestick
Published 2011
288 Pages

A wonderful mix of retro and new...

Three "Cool" Little Books...

Undecorate: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design

 Casual Living: No fuss Style for a Comfortable Home
 Decorate: 1000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in the House

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Flip The Page III

Tricia Guild
Published 2006
Pages 183 Illustrated

“Inspiration” is a collection of passions that have inspired Tricia Guild to design. The book covers everything from Art, Music, Architecture, Design, Theatre, Food, Flowers and Gardening.

"Inspiration" touches on how these passions inspire Guild’s design sensibility in texture and form, light and shadow and textiles and colour.

“Wherever we go, we are taking in glimpses, impressions, 
of the world around us, and I believe that these images 
go deep into our psyches, become part of 
our own energy and imagination,” 
Tricia Guild

As an artist and designer, books like "Inspiration” speak to me as a resource of creative refinement. It allows me to look at another designer and get a sense of how they formulate their designs and style.

“Inspiration” gives you permission to design as an artist first.   
Let your creative soul soar.

The photography is vibrant and captures the detail of Guild’s essence. It literally sparks the senses. It makes me want to eat a big bowl of fresh fruit salad.

Be inspired to Flip The Page... 
Review by DeeBee