Saturday, 2 March 2013

Flip The Page II

Decorating JunkMarket Style
~ Re-purposed Junk to Suit Any Decor ~
Sue Whitney and Ki Nassauer
204 Pages Fully Illustrated
Published 2005

Fully illustrated and easy to navigate, "Decorating JunkMarket Style" is a resource, that those committed to reinventing the wheel, should have in their collection.
This book is filled with an array of cool re-purposed creative restyled ideas. The JunkMarket Queen's redesign of various reclaimed materials and things some may see as Junk is truly inspiring.
Junk for many is a four letter word! Many people don't see the relevance in applying the green factor to things that will sit curbside and then possibly end up in a landfill somewhere.
These women have managed to re-purpose old and discarded drawers, galvanised window wells, bed posts, vintage rulers, shutters, frames, etc.

"Decorating JunkMarket Style" is filled with Tips, Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) and easy to follow projects, large & small.
Design books are full of ideas and if nothing else are meant to wet your own artistic appetite and get you inspired.
One man's Junk is another man's Junk redesign!

Get your hands on a copy of "Decorating JunkMarket Style" and Flip The Page.

Reclaim ~ Repurpose reCREATE
Book Review by DeeBeeCool 2013

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