Saturday, 23 February 2013

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Terence Conran's Inspiration

Terence Conran & Stafford Cliff

Published 2008 ~ 338 illustrated pages

Habitat Design Business

Natural Inspired Designer

Top British Designer

Godfather of modern design

Author of several books

His inspiration for creative energy includes designing, photography, writing, gardening, restaurants, furniture making and collecting. Influenced by design, food, travel, art and industry.
“I have always maintained that how and where we live has a profound effect on our well being and creativity” 
– Terence Conran
His home and space are both comfortable and creatively alluring. Collectibles line every nook and cranny of his understated yet highly refined styled rooms. As you flip through the pages you notice how old and new merge together creating a pure authentic sense of style. A place of inspiration as spaces inspire. If you want to get lost in the world of one of the greatest designers then flip the page and dream.

The photography is absolutely wonderful. Photographer Stafford Cliff captures the true essence of all that is CONRAN.

Conran’s use of natural materials throughout his home, studio and restaurants is naturally pleasing and a green blessing.

His bathrooms are simply stunning. Bedrooms are simply soothing. One gets the sense that by walking into his home, all your troubles would be left at the door.

Terence Conran's Inspiration by Terence Conran makes an excellent and inspiring read for anyone who loves good natural design. Makes a good Resource book or Coffee Table book.
~ Flip The Page

Review by DBC

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