Friday, 15 February 2013

Found Objects

As mentioned in the last post "Treasure Hunting" is something that is motivated by my desire to go out and find things that I can use when tackling and creating my various artistic endeavours. 


For example when I am styling an event, interior, exterior or nondescript space I may have to find something that makes it all work or pulls the look together.

"Found Objects" are usually items I stumble upon 

without intention of finding them. 

They find me!

These Found Objects often find a place in my Art Work, they may star or be a supporting role in Vignettes within a given styling project. Sometimes they form part of a collection.

For both Treasure Hunting and Found Objects I am often interested in the history, the story behind things and how the reclaiming of this item gives it added LIFE. 


Reuse ~ Re-purpose ~ re CREATE

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