Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Global Decor

As I continue my trek around the the interior design world, I am fascinated by the the similarities and differences. 

In this series you have probably noticed that some countries are just steeped in the pure culture of their country. 

Most of the following homes are decorated in themes and styles that are purely regional. 

In the past few posts many of the interior designed rooms are actually quite interchangeable between countries.

 Check out these exciting rooms in 
"Global Decor"
 1. Egypt

 Observations ~ Regional artifacts and themes are widely used. The colours are dark and rich. Gold tones seem to be popular. Styling seems very majestic and traditional in nature.
2. Mexico

Observations ~ Colours are lively and playful. Mixing of strong primary colours. Regional artifacts and themes are widely used in the decor. Styling seems very earthy and layered in nature.
3. Russia

Observations ~ The preferential colour pallette seems to be neutrals. Rooms tend to be more stark with large pieces. Natural materials seem to be widely used. Regional artifacts and themes are subtle. Styling seems very angular and minimalist in nature.

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