Sunday, 19 May 2013

World By Design

Flipping through Interior Design, Decorating or Architecture books or magazines fulfills my insatiable desire to always be inspired by my surroundings and to live vicariously through the eyes and vision of world designers.

I like both the richness of history and the innovation of new trends

For me, I am captivated visually!

In continuing my quest of researching world decor, today, we look at "World By Design" in four very different parts of the globe. 

Turkey, Sweden, Poland and Thailand. 


~ Turkey ~

Old World Charm, Textiles, Patterns, Natural 

~ Sweden ~

Minamalist, Modern, Open, Natural 



~ Thailand ~

Exotic, Natural, Ethnic, Colour, Pattern


~ Poland ~

Modern, Natural, Neutral, Colour Accents



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